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Covid-19 Information

Windsor Dental Centre is able to treat patients who:

  • are not positive for COVID-19
  • do not exhibit any of the following symptoms
    -sore throat
    -shortness of breath
    -high temperature >38 degrees C
  • are not a suspected case nor are a close contact nor have been in isolation with a suspected case
  • have not travelled internationally in the last 14 days.

Under the Ministry of Health and New Zealand Dental Association requirements we are only able to see patients who have:

  1. had a dental trauma/ accident causing a tooth to break or dislodge
  2. have tooth or gum pain that isn’t controlled  with pain relief 
  3. adjustment of dental appliances where health is significantly impacted
  4. fractured teeth or nerve exposure
  5. facial swelling that is serious and worsening and/ or high fever
  6. post extraction bleeding not controlled by normal pressure methods
Patients need to fill out the following triaging questionnaire linked below prior to receiving any treatment

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From our clients

  • Great Job at a Reasonable Price
  • Colin and Leanne are so understanding of nervous and anxious patients
  • Very friendly, informative and extremely professional
  • Best extraction I have ever had

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